When you buy insurance coverage to protect against hurricane damage, flood damage or other kinds of damage to your home, your insurance company is supposed to honor your claim so that you can get your home repaired or recoup business losses. In theory, that is the case. In practice, however, insurers use many strategies to avoid fulfilling their agreements with policyholders regarding their legitimate insurance claims.

Williams Law Association, P.A. has a reputation for helping homeowners and businesses navigate through the complexities of Hurricane Damage Claims throughout the State of Florida.

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Our attorneys are 100 percent committed to representing insurance policyholders in Florida who are seeking a fair and just resolution to their legitimate insurance claims. Due to our extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, we fully understand the law governing insurance policies and practices and have a wealth of insight into how insurance companies operate. Over the years, we have succeeded in obtaining favorable results on behalf of our clients.

As attorneys representing home and business owners, we have seen the damage, devastation and disruptions that hurricanes and storms can cause. We have represented hundreds of clients against insurance companies that have tried to avoid payment for the legitimate losses our clients have incurred.

We are prepared to take your case all the way to trial if that is what it takes to obtain fair compensation for our clients. We have assisted individuals and businesses with aggressive representation and dependable legal counsel involving:

Complex insurance coverage disputes

Structural foundation claims

Water damage and mold claims

Hurricane Insurance Disputes

Bad Faith Claims

“Low ball” (underpayment) payments by insurance companies

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