Williams Law Association, P.A. represents condominium and homeowners associations (HOAs) involved in insurance-related disputes, in addition to representing their individual owners.

Condominiums and homeowner associations both present unique relationships that create their own sets of issues when resolving an insurance dispute. Disputes may arise between the condominium and homeowner association between individual owners with regard to the common areas, the building envelope, and the interior units or homes.

Even though the types of insurance coverage may differ from a common residential insurance dispute, the opportunity for insurers to engage in bad faith activity and adjusting on the claim remain the same. The lawyers of our firm have substantial experience representing property owners with insurance claims related to damage caused by hurricanes, storms, fires, sinkholes, floods, tornados, and wind storms.

Williams Law Association, P.A. has experience representing clients in complex condominium and homeowners association claims, working to fully protect their financial and property interests—both collectively and individually.

When your condominium or homeowners association has suffered property damage and is involved in a dispute with an insurance company, our law firm is in a position to evaluate your claim.

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Condominium and townhouse associations rely on complete insurance coverage to guarantee compensation for a specific loss. It is common for disputes to arise between homeowners associations and their insurance companies with regard to insurance coverage issues. If your condominium or homeowners association is having a dispute with its insurance company regarding a property claim or related legal matter, our firm can help. We have significant experience in insurance-related matters and in-depth knowledge of the laws that apply in these types of cases.

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