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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Citizens Doing the Right Thing – Insuring Homes with Previous Sinkhole Problems

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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation recently announced that it will begin offering homeowners insurance to properties that were previously damaged by sinkhole activity.  This announcement was praised by insurance agents and real estate professionals as crucial to protect the marketability of homes in central Florida.  In the past, property owners would often have trouble obtaining property insurance for their homes after the conclusion of their sinkhole claim. … Continue Reading

Dunedin Sinkhole Saga – The REAL Facts

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By now, you’ve most likely seen the stories about the large sinkhole that opened in Dunedin, Florida this week.  The Dupre family was awakened early Wednesday morning to what sounded like someone noisily attempting to break into their house.  Upon inspection, the homeowners were shocked to see that their entire back porch was sliding into… Continue Reading